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C.L.Pharm R&D Center
C.L.Pharm R&D Center located in Asan, ChungCheongNam-do has been researching and developing continuously in the field of Oral Dissolving Film since 2003. Research and development has led to the development of generic pharmaceutical products, mass production, bioequivalence assessment and product characteristics research. C.L.Pharm research capabilities and abilities across all items including pharmaceutical drugs, health functional food, food, companion animal supplement as well as animal food in ODF formulation.
Field of Research
Drug Delivery Technology
Taste Improvement (Taste Masking Technology)
Film Formulation
Control of Disintegration Speed
High Dosage Loading Technology
ODF Process Development
Drug Evaluation
Candidate Material Selection
New Formulation Development
Pharmaceutical Drugs (Ethical Drugs / Over-The-Counter Drugs)
Research on Pharmaceutical Drugs and Incrementally Modified Drugs suitable for film formulation including Sleep Inducer, Hair loss Treatment, Dementia Treatment, Immunosuppressant and more are conducted.
Health Functional Food
Health Functional Food Films are developed with functional ingredients certified from KFDA. Efficacy is verified through Clinical Tests as well as Oral Dissolving Speed and Absorption rate is confirmed.
Excellent food ingredients are selected to allow convenient intake anytime, anywhere by developing various Film-type Products.
Pharmaceuticals and Food for Animals
We do our Best by conducting Researches on ODF supporting Skin Health, Optic Health, Joint Health and Coat Care for your Dogs and Cats.
Production Technology
C.L.Pharm’s Manufacturing Plant, located in Asan, ChungCheongNam-do completed GMP Certification for Pharmaceuticals and Health Functional Food to manufacture products of Strict Quality Standard. Through improved Process Efficiency, Quality Control System, etc., C.L.Pharm strives to manufacture products with excellent quality.
Patents and Certified Technology
C.L.Pharm is certified with INNO-BIZ (Small Business with Innovative Technology), Venture Corporation, IP Star-Corporation, Technology Patents and ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and ISO-14001 Environmental Management System. Also, various Patents are registered including 21 Patents for ODF Manufacturing Technology and Manufacturing Equipment Registration and 5 Foreign PCT Registration Patents.