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What is an Oral Dissolving Film (ODF)?
It is a thin film type formulation disintegrated on your tongue without water for convenient intake, Active ingredients are absorbed through oral mucosa immediately. It is a Future-oriented formulation studied throughout the World thanks to the advantage of easy intake by Children, Seniors and even Patients in critical conditions having trouble from swallowing traditional formulation.
  • Orally Disintegrating Film
  • Orally Soluble Film,FDA
No Water Needed
Easy Intake
Easy to Carry
Easy to Swallow
Only dosed amount is taken
Immediate Disintegration
C.L.Pharm’s Oral Dissolving Film Formulation and its Manufacturing Technology
C.L.Pharm’s Oral Dissolving Film is great to carry and store from individual packaging, and has the State-of-the-art Patent Technology of Casting Production Method improved from existing Roll Type Method.
Overseas Patents for Manufacturing Technology in U.S., E.U., China, Russia, Japan
Drug Delivery Technology of Oral Dissolving Film
Oral Mucosa refers to the lingual, sublingual, infrabuccal and palatal mucous membrane, and under the mucous membrane; and tiny capillaries exist beneath mucous membrane. Components absorbed through oral mucosa go directly to the system to circulate without detouring the stomach, therefore, this method attracts attention as an immediate administration route.
  • Lingual Mucosa Films are immediately disintegrated, and absorption is controlled.
  • Inner Oral Mucosa Oral capillary are concentrated, and time of film remaining can be maximized.
  • Sublingual Mucosa Prompt systemic absorption having thinner mucosa compared to other areas
Absorption through Oral Mucosa can maximize systemic absorption process by delivering active/main ingredients to blood flow.
Oral Dissolving Film is raised to be a newly innovated formulation for the future, and Researchers in and outside the country are studying actively for various purposes.
< Research Case of utilizing ODF Formulation into Vaccine development >
Excellent Bioavailability of Oral Dissolving Film
Direct absorption from Oral mucosa is possible, and less influenced from digestive enzyme, high bioavailability is shown even from a small amount.

Drug content in the Blood until Discharge after Administration of ODF compared to Solid dosage Confirmed of increased Bioavailability of 2.04 times (204.08%) (Bronchodilator)

Drug content in the Blood until Discharge after Administration of ODF compared to Solid dosage Confirmed of increased Bioavailability of 2.25 times (225%) (Erectile Dysfunction Treatment)

Film-Typed Collagen (Results of Study at Global Pharmaceutical Research Center)
Increased Collagen Expression to 1,055% compared to Control Group
Control Group
Negative Control Group
Collagen tablet
Film-Typed Collagen
  • Blue: Cell Nucleus / Green: Collagen 1 Protein
  • *Results of Study at Global Pharmaceutical Research Center
Collagen Absorption Rate of Oral Mucosa Model
Results of Human Study for the Evaluation
  • 2 Strips put inside each Cheek before Night’s Sleep 1 time a day
  • For 12 Weeks, Women of the age 40~55
  • Compared to Collagen Tablet of Own-development
  • Depth of Eye Wrinkle Decreased by 20.5% After Use
  • Number of Eye Wrinkle Decreased by 26.7% After Use
  • Skin Elasticity Increased by 13.7% After Use
  • Skin Elasticity Restitution Increased by 8.3% After Use
  • Skin Density Increased by 9.1% After Use
  • * Results are based from the research using own-developed products, and the results do not apply to every product
Easy Disintegration Formulation Technology
Lots of cases show Seniors, Children, Patients with dysphagia and Companion Animals have trouble swallowing traditional solid dosage forms or liquid forms. Dr.FiLL Film-typed products are great for Easy Administration without trouble and provides exact dosage per intake.
Seniors more than 65 Years of Age with Dysphagia
Ref 1) Smithard, D.G. (2016). iMedPub Journals.
Dr.FiLL Film-typed products are in Films for disintegration that allows convenient intake of exact dosage even by people having trouble with traditional solid forms.
C.L.Pharm’s Oral Dissolving Films are Individually Sealed great for Carrying and Storing.